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Super Sized Shell Sorter™

Super Sized Shell Sorter™

$ 975.00

Do you have a ton, literally, of brass to sort?  We built the Super Sized Shell Sorter™ just for you!  It measures 2' square which is substantially larger than our original Shell Sorter™  It is made totally of aluminum.  The bottom tray has a solid bottom for catching small brass, gravel, tumbling media, and other debris. 

The trays all stack together.  To employ the Super Sized Shell Sorter™ you dump in your brass, then raise one end of the other until the brass all tumbles to the opposite side.  Set it down and pick up that opposite side and repeat the process. 

There are 5 trays in this set, each tray has an engraved set of numbers to denote which tray it is:

Bottom tray has a solid bottom.  You can also buy a mobile table saw base to set this on and make your brass sorting operation mobile!

Next up is the 9mm tray, same size slots as our black pan.

380 tray is next up, same size slots as the 380 plate.

40 tray, same size slots as our blue pan.

The top tray is our 45 tray, same size slots as the yellow pan.

Contact us if you would prefer to buy a partial set or if you have additional sizes in mind.