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About Us

Hey my name is Jeff.  I invented the Shell Sorter™ to help reloaders, including myself, save time while sorting brass.  We introduced the product when our first daughter was crawling, now all 3 kids enjoy helping in small ways with the business.

Our Shell Sorter™ products are proudly made in the US by local shops, and they are well made if I do say so myself.

We also are adding products on a continual basis, complementing products, stuff that we have managed to get a good deal on and pass along to you, a lot of products that I use, and feel that you could use too. 

I place a very real emphasis on having items in stock, and I thrive on shipping your order just as fast as I can.  This means that I ship 6 days a week, I ship EVERY order that has come in, and if another order comes in after I've done the shipping for the day, I do my best to get it out before the carrier does their daily pickup.  Basically, I believe that once you place the order and paid for it, that product is yours and I need to get it to you asap!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about shipping, the Shell Sorter™, or our other products.  sales@shellsorter.com     316.251.0870