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Shell Sorter™ 38 Super plate

Shell Sorter™ 38 Super plate

$ 23.95

This 38 Super adapter plate allows reloaders to easily separate 38 Super brass from 9mm Luger. To use this plate, sort all of your brass as normally through the Shell Sorter™ 3pc set. The contents of the black pan will contain 9mm and 38 Super brass. Set the 38 Super plate inside either the blue or yellow Shell Sorter™ pan. Sort the contents of the black pan through the plate, 9mm will fall through both the plate as well as the blue or yellow pan, 38 Super remains on top. Do not use the black pan with the 38 Super plate as the 9mm brass will get trapped between the plate and the black pan, where you will frequently need to remove the plate to get the brass out.  Please note that the 38 Super plate looks exactly like the 380 plate, to differentiate the two apart, the 38 Super plate has a 1/4" hole in the outer part of the plate.

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