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Rifle Rods

Rifle Rods

$ 9.85

We are now selling a new line of products that allows you to squeeze more guns into your gun safe. They also keep your firearms from damage by maintaining space between them.

The solution for long arms uses a plastic rod that slides into the barrel, and attaches with velcro to the underside of the shelf. Your rifles cannot move which prevents them from damage, and allows you to stack them closer together. Many users say they can almost double the capacity of their gun safe! These are much cheaper than an additional gun safe. Warning! You will be tempted to buy more guns to fill your safe!

The 10 rod kit contains a 19"x15" velcro pad which will hold up to 20 guns. The 20 rod kit contains a 19"x30" velcro pad which can hold up to 40 guns. These pads will need to be stapled to the bottom of your shelf. The 6 rod pack is an add-on to expand either the 10 rod or 20 rod kit. These rods will slide into a .22 barrel and larger. The .17 caliber rods are used for .17 caliber rifles.

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