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Ruger 10/22 Factory Replacement Aperture Sight

Ruger 10/22 Factory Replacement Aperture Sight

$ 14.99

Quickly and easily replaces the factory rear blade sight. This sight maintains the factory sight height and sight radius. The aperture sight makes it easy for eyes of all ages to focus on the front sight.

  • This is a replacement for the factory rear blade sight.
  • Adjusts exactly like the factory rear sight, and still folds down.
  • Great for teaching kids how to sight and shoot, they catch on quick!
  • Focus on the front sight!
  • Free shipping anywhere in the US via 1st class mail!

Other aperture sights on the market require you to press out both the front and rear sight, and tap in the replacement.  That's a pain that nobody needs, plus it changes your sight radius as well as the height above the bore.  With ours you simply remove two screws, pull out the old, put in the new and screw it on.  

I developed this over the past year after I found that my eyes didn't work as well on the factory sights as they used to.  I'm only 34 and I have excellent uncorrected eyesight!  This sight helps shooters young and old find the sights and hold them on the target.  I've been teaching my kids how to shoot recently and they have caught on fast.  Every person that I have put behind the sights of my old 10/22 has loved the difference it makes with the aperture sight.  

Why does it make so much difference you ask?  With a simple hole instead of a notch to line up with the front sight, your eyes can relax and forget about trying to focus on the rear sight.  Your eye naturally centers the aperture hole on the front sight, leaving you to only focus on the front sight and your target.  

I grew up shooting the same 10/22 that I'm using now, in my younger years I fed it a brick a month, and I could shoot skeet with it pretty well too!  When you shoot that much you get used to the sight alignment, so that was something I didn't want to change when I developed the aperture sight.