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Brian Enos' Slide Glide

Brian Enos' Slide Glide

$ 7.95

Slide-Glide is a uniquely formulated lubricant that protects all firearms from corrosion and wear. It also softens "felt recoil" in all semi-auto's, especially pistols.

Advantages over other oils and greases:

  • Softens felt recoil in semi-autos
  • It's super “stringy” - it stays where you put it - forever.
  • Blended with the highest-grade extreme pressure compound available.

Stringy Slide-GlideSlide-Glide provides a dramatic improvement in lubrication compared to conventional oils and greases such as lithium, or lithium-based metallic greases containing molybdenum or graphite.

Additionally, it is engineered to have a stringy characteristic that prevents "tracking" or shearing on sliding metal surfaces. It stays put - ceaselessly dragging itself back into the friction areas of the cycling slide and barrel.

It's stringy characteristic keeps the grease between the moving parts - noticeably softening the felt recoil of semi-atuomatic pistols. Your pistol just feels “smoother” when you shoot it.

With three viscosities to choose from, there is a viscosity of Slide-Glide that will reduce wear and improve the operation of any firearm, tool, or machine.

And Slide-Glide isn't just for semi-auto pistols. It slicks up revolver actions, pump and semi-automatic shotguns, semi-automatic, bolt and lever-action rifles, and even your Dillon reloading press.

Slide-Glide is available in three viscosities, and in tubs (pictured) and tubes:

Slide-Glide Lite  (thin viscosity)Slide-Glide Lite


  • 30+ degrees F
  • All Firearms:
  • Centerfire Pistols: Non-compensated & Compensated
  • Rifles: All action types (including Lever Actions)
  • Shotguns: All action types
  • Revolvers (Internal action parts only - not for the cylinder)
  • .22's
  • "Carry Guns" Applied extremely sparingly for maximum reliability
  • Slide-Glide Lite's viscosity is blended specifically for "IPSC Open guns" in any temperature, and also works great on the Glock's "connector."

    If you only will buy one viscosity, the Lite is perfect for all firearms in all climates.

    Slide-Glide Standard  (medium viscosity) Slide-Glide Standard


    • 60+ degrees F
    • Semi-automatic, Centerfire:
      • Pistols (non-compensated)
      • Rifles
      • Shotguns

    Slide-Glide Standard was originally blended for "stock-type" pistols in temperatures above 60 degrees. Its viscosity is a little too thick for compensated pistols, .22's, and revolvers.

    Slide-Glide Heavy  (heavy viscosity)Slide-Glide Heavy


    • 80+ degrees F
    • Semi-automatic, Centerfire:
      • Pistols (non-compensated only!)
      • Pistols with "loose top ends" (Glocks, Sigs, etc.)

    Slide-Glide Heavy's viscosity is specifically blended for pistols with "loose top ends" (frame to slide fit). In temperatures above 80 degrees, it also works well in non-compensated, centerfire pistols.

    For maximum protection from wear, Slide-Glide Lite is all you need. But for maximum recoil dampening - use the thickest viscosity that allows your pistol to function with 100% reliability in the temperature where you shoot.

    Cary or Duty Pistols:
    Slide-Glide is a grease, so it will slow down a pistol's slide-speed (compared to oil). For carry or duty pistols, protection from wear is not an issue - 100% reliability is the most important factor. For that reason, I only recommend Slide-Glide Lite in carry or duty pistols. And even then - applied very sparingly!

    Polymer or Stainless Steel:
    Slide-Glide works great on pistols with polymer frames, like Glocks and Springfield Armory XDs. And for stainless steel pistols, I've had quite a few reports that Slide-Glide will make a pistol function with 100% reliability - that would barely function at all with any other oil or grease.